HR Skills and Workshop Training

Our HR trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering skills training to employers, typically managers and directors of businesses in all sectors throughout the UK.

This is how we support you:


  • The role of the investigation manager
  • Preparation before an investigation meeting
  • The meeting - identifying the key issues
  • Question types
  • Next steps?


Employee behaviour

  • Knowing accepted behaviour at work - what AiP polices deal with this?
  • Options you have to deal with different types of behaviour
  • Acting consistently as a manager
  • Disciplinary process
  • Dealing with school complaints about behaviour of staff


Complaints and grievances

  • Dealing with an employee's complaint - initial meeting
  • Moans & Gripes v Bullying & Harassment - identify differences and act appropriately
  • Potential impact on the team?
  • What is the employee's desired outcome? - Apology?
  • Resulting disciplinary action?
  • Mediation?


Managing performance

  • Informal & formal performance management - judging which route is best
  • Identifying issues
  • Dealing with a capability/performance process - evidence?
  • Formal warnings & dismissal


Leadership & Team Development

When advising our employer clients about employment law and HR issues, we often become aware of other needs that would value to the clients’ business – perhaps improving relationships at work or performance.

We have worked hard therefore to develop, through strategic business partnerships, a programme of training to offer our clients in the following cores areas:


Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development programmes offer far more than a set of tools and techniques to learn; they’re creative and different, always based on clients’ needs and business contexts. Whether group-based, mentored or one-to-one coaching, we can provide something for everyone.


Personal Development

Whether you want to learn to be more assertive, to communicate better, to know how to present to an audience or just to manage your time more effectively, we can help you. All of our courses are tailored to your needs and delivered by professional trainers with specialist skills and with years of relevant experience behind them.


Team Development

Many things contribute to organisational success, but nothing enables change and makes things happen like great teamwork. Our approach to team development focuses on building capability – helping to deliver higher levels of performance to benefit the team and add value to the wider organisation.


Fit for Purpose

In the continually evolving, ever-changing, high-octane world that is the today's modern work environment, only the fittest survive. It simply isn’t enough to be just doing ok, getting by, balancing the books and keeping colleagues and, more importantly, customers happy; it requires a lot more than that. Being ‘fit for purpose’ means being the very best that you can be – mentally, physically and interpersonally strong to tackle anything that comes your way.


Talent Management

We know how important it is to recruit the right people with the right potential at the right time for your business – we work in close partnership with our clients to fully understand their needs within their complex, fast-paced and ever-changing commercial and organisational context. We do this in two areas:


Assessment – we come in once applications and CVs have been received, screened and shortlisted. Our expertise in this area extends to the design of the entire assessment centre process – from initial welcomes, right through to final decisions. Based on our client’s needs, we’ll shape the interview format and design bespoke activities such as group exercises, presentations and role-plays. We’re qualified to use a wide range of psychometric tools and can advise on their use and suitability within the selection process. It goes without saying that we look after all of the paperwork and administration, and source any equipment and materials required.  We can also train your own people in interviewing skills and behavioural assessment.


Induction, Training & Development – we can devise tailored solutions that build on individual needs identified at the initial selection stage, supplemented by tried and tested core skills training programmes that embrace communication, influencing and negotiation, presentation and time management skills. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients – each time designing and delivering a programme that’s unique to them.  Our experience shows that we know what works (and what doesn’t!) and how to engage with graduates to make the learning fun, interactive and relevant.  Our aim is simple – to help your business develop by ensuring your graduates come away with practical and relevant skills that add value from day one.


Customer Service

We’ll help you create the magic moments that get you noticed, remembered and recommended….In today’s cut n’ thrust cost-driven marketplace, nothing differentiates the best from the rest more than customer service – the service a business delivers to anyone it comes into contact with – its consumers, its suppliers, even its staff. And yet many businesses find customer service difficult to define, challenging to deliver and impossible to sustain – and with obvious results! Improving the way you serve your customers – making the ordinary extraordinary…..

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"I had the pleasure of working with Robert and would not hesitate to recommend him. He is a capable and professional guy who is a fantastic coach – his enthusiasm and dedication shines through."



“…our team training was absolutely fantastic. Ann took the brief and made it into an interactive, energetic and engaging session in a very short space of time. We see lots of staff trainers in our line of work and I have to say that Ann’s presentation and content ranked as one of the best. Thank you so much for your involvement, we look forward to working together in the future".

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